Tell the World I’m Coming Home.

Today was the last day of blogpaws so unfortunately that means i have to come home. All my photos are on my camera and the computer (Yes i’m using a computer for once) doesn’t have an SD card slot. Grrrr. Anyways i’ll have the photos on facebook, here, instagram, twitter, the moon etc. I had an amazing time meeting and remeeting bloggers and brands. I really want to go to Barkworld in August but I don’t know considering the price of the room. Anyone wanna bunk? We can go halfsies! Lol. I plan on saving up a good amount to go. The only thing i didn’t like about this trip is that my phone case got scratched and turned pink (I have no clue how!!) Forever a mystery. 

I’ve got to finish packing and getting ready! Love you all! 


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