Me? Nominated? Ermahgerd!

I’ve been blogging for about a month now and I don’t have many followers (unless there’s ghost followers I don’t know about!) but I’ve already been nominated for an award thanks to Jessica and Luna from !


Part of the rules are to answer 11 questions from the nominator
1. Who is your blog inspiration?
My Mom & Carma at
2. Candy or cake?
3. Where is your favorite place to vacation?
Atlanta Georgia because BARKWORLD!!!! 😀
4. How do you take your coffee or tea?
Tea & straight
5. Have you ever had a pet fish?
Millions, Ma was a fish breeder
6. Mac or PC? PC for the price and build but Mac for the OS and design.
7. Have you ever been to a desert?
Not yet
8. Coke or Pepsi?
They taste the same to me!
9. What is your favorite sport?
Kentucky Basketball during the month of March xD
10. If you and your pet switched places for a day, what would happen?
It all depends on which pet but that’d be pure chaos
11. How long have you been blogging?
not even a full month yet

Second part is to list 11 things about yourself
1. I don’t like gold or diamonds, i’d rather have silver.
2. I play flute and piano
3. I miss the WonderBalls :c
4. 2 things that always makes me happy is the tetris theme and the “laughter” of a guniea pig.
5. My favorite color is purple
6. I’m addicted to the Game Show Network but I wish they’d quit showing sex commercials! Gah!!!
7. I like older cats and dogs, I wouldn’t want to go through puppy/kitty stage more than once
8. Although I love kids and I want some someday, I like pets better cause they can’t back sass.
9. I want to be a linguist after high school
10. Arizona Mucho Mango and Diet Green Peace Tea is what I live off of.
11. 我说中文!

****I’m going to publish this now, but I’m going to go back and edit this when I’m not on my phone for my 11 nominees.****


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