His Story


Meet Dozer the Red Nose Pit Bull. A sweet, cuddly, loving, cute, intelligent, well behaved, kissable, huggable, squeezable, and understanding little boy. He’s 10 years old and he’s adoptable from the Owensboro Humane Society! Although he’s considered a senior he still acts like a 6 month old puppy. He loves playing dress up and gives the best hugs and kisses a pit can supply!
Back in 2006 he was chasing down the UPS man while he was delivering packages and when he turned around Dozer was sitting in his truck like “Where we gonna go? Huh? Huh?!” Well the UPS man brought him to Wills Animal Clinic and no one had claimed him so, he was brought to us.
I have to admit, I was rather scared of Dozer when I first met him. He just paced back and forth in his cage and every now and then looked up. I didn’t know if he was territorial or just flat out going to bite me if I tried to pet him. He’d get right up against the wall of the cage whenever i’d pass through and I would run through just to avoid any accidents.
I kind of avoided him until Ma reassured me that he was sweet and wouldn’t bite me so one day when Ma & I was walking the field passing out treats I held my hand out and Dozer sat down and put his head down. From that very first pet he’s been my best friend.
He has recognized and memorized both my car and truck and throws a hissy fit if I don’t immediately come and see him. LOL! Pits as we know have a bad rep, but you know, if you tell Dozer to “Attack” he’ll jump up on you and just kiss you to death. He’s learned all of his basic commands and more such as “Strike a pose” “Show your sweet side” and many more (photos will be posted at the end)
Although he is very sweet and very friendly he still needs some work, he doesn’t like cats and is iffy with dogs. Ma and I plan on working with him more and breaking him of it. Heck if we can teach an old dog new tricks I’m pretty sure we can teach him to love everything.
He LOVES going on long walks and runs! We go walking around Thompson Berry Park all the time and you know, we have talks and he understands how I feel and what I’m saying. I’ve talked to him about how much I miss Zen and was on the verge of tears he sat down put his paw on me so I sat down with him. He laid up against me and literally kissed away my tears. I love him to death and I wish Ma would let me adopt him.
In fact when Zen went missing we had a search party. I grabbed him and we walked 6 miles placing missing signs all over the neighborhood and asked residents if they had seen him. Zen knew Dozer pretty well and Dozer would leave his scent everywhere helping lead Zen back to the Humane Society. He still listened to me then too. I believe if I had went alone I would have just lost it and have to call someone to pick me up.
Dogs have a healing power mentally physically and spiritually & Dozer has helped just as I have helped him.
I hope to find him a great home for him to live out his days. He’s 70+ years old in dog years and is ready to retire.
Please open your hearts an consider adopting this big ol’ lug. If you cannot, please share him.


   “Show your sweet side”


“Strike a pose!”

Dozer is available at the Owensboro Humane Society.
3101 W. 2nd Street 


One thought on “His Story

  1. Dozer looks like a sweetie! We just adopted a red nose pit from the animal shelter a few months ago and she is awesome! I didn’t know what to think at first because she was a pit but she is the most loving dog ever. I think my next dog just might be another pittie! I hope you find Dozer a home. Paws crossed for Dozer!

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