Barkworld 2013!

This is Sarah Allen reporting live from Barkworld 2013 in Atlanta, Georgia! This year instead of Ma, Carma and I coming we brought a guest. Scooby Doo! Well, so far everyone adores him and he hasn’t been an ounce of trouble. I’ve taken him everywhere with me in a baby sling (He climbs in there himself and straps himself in!) and he’s LOVING it. Oh my goodness. I actually broke down and created him a twitter. He’s going to have an instagram as soon as my phone charges too. Follow him @street_smartdoo and see the cute little underbite daily! More will be posted later on.

I’m going to head to bed so I can wake up and go to Doga (Doggy Yoga) in the morning! I hope you all had a great day!


Cool frozen treat for Dogs!

Since Jenny Sue and I are on a health kick i wanted to make something for her that she can lick on. She LOOOOVVVEEESSSS ice cream and since its summer i figured why not make her some? Except this is a little different.
Things youll need:
Honest Kitchen Instant Goat Milk
Warm water
Beef or chicken base/flavoring
Diced apple
A cup to place in the freezer.

First, take the cup and fill it with warm water then add your packet of Honest Kitchen Goat Milk and stir till dissolved.
Next, take a itty bitty piece of flavoring and stir it in.
After that, take your diced apple and throw it in there.
Set in in the freezer for about 1-2 hours then serve!

Do you have any more recipes? What kind of treats do your furpal’s love? Feel free to comment!


Bad Blogger Blues and New Diet?

Hello all! Im really really sorry i havent posted in the longest time! I got a new phone, ive been working out and ive been at Marching band for the longest time. Its about time i jump back into blogging.

Anyways, about this new diet-
Ive changed my diet completely, and its done wonders for me! I eat nothing but fruits, veggies and dairy and nuts. (Which is what i crave half the time anyways)
However, i have a diet buddy. Its the cutest little blind spaniel named Jenny Sue. Jenny Sue came into my life on New Years right before i turned 5. She was 6 weeks old and she picked us out. We’ve been best friends ever since. When we were little we’d go on walks around the block, we’d play dress up (she stole all my doll clothes and some of my toys too) we’d swim and wed eat fruit together, with the occasional baby food. Well, Jenny Sue other than eating with me ate nothing but Moist and Meaty Dog Food and weve had to recently take her off of it because its doing her more harm than good.
Well shes on my diet, and whatever dogs cant eat, i dont eat. Every other night i sit on the floor with her and slice up an apple and peanut butter and i make her a bowl of Honest Kitchen Instant Goat Milk. It makes her so happy that we play fetch for an hour or 2. (Yes, my blind sister plays fetch)
So far, this has done wonders for both of us. Ive lost weight and its improved her energy and she hasnt shed as bad lately. Shes 10 going on 11 so youd expect a few health problems but other than being blind, shes a pretty healthly little girl. She enjoys eating and playing with me, and we even go swimming together.
Do you have your pet on a special diet? If so, how is it going and what is it for?


By the way this is Jenny Sue rocking the bedhead look BOL!