Cool frozen treat for Dogs!

Since Jenny Sue and I are on a health kick i wanted to make something for her that she can lick on. She LOOOOVVVEEESSSS ice cream and since its summer i figured why not make her some? Except this is a little different.
Things youll need:
Honest Kitchen Instant Goat Milk
Warm water
Beef or chicken base/flavoring
Diced apple
A cup to place in the freezer.

First, take the cup and fill it with warm water then add your packet of Honest Kitchen Goat Milk and stir till dissolved.
Next, take a itty bitty piece of flavoring and stir it in.
After that, take your diced apple and throw it in there.
Set in in the freezer for about 1-2 hours then serve!

Do you have any more recipes? What kind of treats do your furpal’s love? Feel free to comment!


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