Barkworld 2013!

This is Sarah Allen reporting live from Barkworld 2013 in Atlanta, Georgia! This year instead of Ma, Carma and I coming we brought a guest. Scooby Doo! Well, so far everyone adores him and he hasn’t been an ounce of trouble. I’ve taken him everywhere with me in a baby sling (He climbs in there himself and straps himself in!) and he’s LOVING it. Oh my goodness. I actually broke down and created him a twitter. He’s going to have an instagram as soon as my phone charges too. Follow him @street_smartdoo and see the cute little underbite daily! More will be posted later on.

I’m going to head to bed so I can wake up and go to Doga (Doggy Yoga) in the morning! I hope you all had a great day!


His Story


Meet Dozer the Red Nose Pit Bull. A sweet, cuddly, loving, cute, intelligent, well behaved, kissable, huggable, squeezable, and understanding little boy. He’s 10 years old and he’s adoptable from the Owensboro Humane Society! Although he’s considered a senior he still acts like a 6 month old puppy. He loves playing dress up and gives the best hugs and kisses a pit can supply!
Back in 2006 he was chasing down the UPS man while he was delivering packages and when he turned around Dozer was sitting in his truck like “Where we gonna go? Huh? Huh?!” Well the UPS man brought him to Wills Animal Clinic and no one had claimed him so, he was brought to us.
I have to admit, I was rather scared of Dozer when I first met him. He just paced back and forth in his cage and every now and then looked up. I didn’t know if he was territorial or just flat out going to bite me if I tried to pet him. He’d get right up against the wall of the cage whenever i’d pass through and I would run through just to avoid any accidents.
I kind of avoided him until Ma reassured me that he was sweet and wouldn’t bite me so one day when Ma & I was walking the field passing out treats I held my hand out and Dozer sat down and put his head down. From that very first pet he’s been my best friend.
He has recognized and memorized both my car and truck and throws a hissy fit if I don’t immediately come and see him. LOL! Pits as we know have a bad rep, but you know, if you tell Dozer to “Attack” he’ll jump up on you and just kiss you to death. He’s learned all of his basic commands and more such as “Strike a pose” “Show your sweet side” and many more (photos will be posted at the end)
Although he is very sweet and very friendly he still needs some work, he doesn’t like cats and is iffy with dogs. Ma and I plan on working with him more and breaking him of it. Heck if we can teach an old dog new tricks I’m pretty sure we can teach him to love everything.
He LOVES going on long walks and runs! We go walking around Thompson Berry Park all the time and you know, we have talks and he understands how I feel and what I’m saying. I’ve talked to him about how much I miss Zen and was on the verge of tears he sat down put his paw on me so I sat down with him. He laid up against me and literally kissed away my tears. I love him to death and I wish Ma would let me adopt him.
In fact when Zen went missing we had a search party. I grabbed him and we walked 6 miles placing missing signs all over the neighborhood and asked residents if they had seen him. Zen knew Dozer pretty well and Dozer would leave his scent everywhere helping lead Zen back to the Humane Society. He still listened to me then too. I believe if I had went alone I would have just lost it and have to call someone to pick me up.
Dogs have a healing power mentally physically and spiritually & Dozer has helped just as I have helped him.
I hope to find him a great home for him to live out his days. He’s 70+ years old in dog years and is ready to retire.
Please open your hearts an consider adopting this big ol’ lug. If you cannot, please share him.


   “Show your sweet side”


“Strike a pose!”

Dozer is available at the Owensboro Humane Society.
3101 W. 2nd Street 


Help! I’ve fallen in love and I can’t get up!

Imagine this-
One day you’re out and about and you see your local humane society or shelter having an adoption event and they have animals or pictures setting out. You see the cutest little cat or dog but you know you can’t have them yet you want to help them. What can you do to help?
There are a couple different ways to help out in the animal community!
1. Donate! Every cent can make a difference, every pound of food can help, every little thing you donate can help a shelter/HS in a HUGE way! I personally had a donation drive on my 16th birthday. I raised a little over 600 dollars and got lots of food paper towels liter collers treats toys etc. Although I wish I could have raised more it still helped out the Owensboro Humane Society and my friends had a lot of fun!

2. Sponsor a pet! Ask them if they have a sponsoring program. You can give weekly monthly or yearly! say you want to give 10 dollars a month to a furbaby in need, that 10 dollars can help get them food pay vet bills and much more. Its kinda like a little bank account for each animal.

3. Volunteer!!! Most shelters/hs are in need of volunteers year round! Whether you’re cleaning a cat box or giving a belly rub it helps out. Volunteering is rewarding all in all. You know you’re doing a good thing & its fun! I’ve been volunteering with the Owensboro Humane Society for 3 years as of March and although its had its ups and downs I regret nothing. (Well maybe not adopting a cat or two but they have great homes now)

If you don’t have enough time to volunteer every now and then you can always visit the facilities and look around.


Looking for Sponsor/ Roomie!


I plan on attending Barkworld in Atlanta during August. Here’s the problem though, although I get discounted rates for being a student (Ticket wise which I already have) I’m saving up money for an airplane ticket and hotel expenses. Being a 16 year old kid who makes minimum wage with no car (I only have my permit so I don’t really need one yet) I’m saving up all I can to attend. I’ve started saving since the day I got back from BlogPaws and i have about $90 saved up. I have all summer to help collect money too but it’d be a lot more helpful if I had a roommate to split a room with. Ma and Carma are coming too but I don’t know if Ma can pull together enough money for the both of us which is why i’m trying to save up. I’m also looking for sponsors, I can do reviews and publicizing for brands and everything. (I can create short videos for my youtube accounts which really pack up views http://www.youtube.com/elileoplurodaun & http://www.youtube.com/immabirdie )

If you’re interested email me at Sarah.allen@stu.daviess.kyschools.us

Also feel free to share this post. I love my Barkworld family and I love going to the conferences!