Cool frozen treat for Dogs!

Since Jenny Sue and I are on a health kick i wanted to make something for her that she can lick on. She LOOOOVVVEEESSSS ice cream and since its summer i figured why not make her some? Except this is a little different.
Things youll need:
Honest Kitchen Instant Goat Milk
Warm water
Beef or chicken base/flavoring
Diced apple
A cup to place in the freezer.

First, take the cup and fill it with warm water then add your packet of Honest Kitchen Goat Milk and stir till dissolved.
Next, take a itty bitty piece of flavoring and stir it in.
After that, take your diced apple and throw it in there.
Set in in the freezer for about 1-2 hours then serve!

Do you have any more recipes? What kind of treats do your furpal’s love? Feel free to comment!


Bad Blogger Blues and New Diet?

Hello all! Im really really sorry i havent posted in the longest time! I got a new phone, ive been working out and ive been at Marching band for the longest time. Its about time i jump back into blogging.

Anyways, about this new diet-
Ive changed my diet completely, and its done wonders for me! I eat nothing but fruits, veggies and dairy and nuts. (Which is what i crave half the time anyways)
However, i have a diet buddy. Its the cutest little blind spaniel named Jenny Sue. Jenny Sue came into my life on New Years right before i turned 5. She was 6 weeks old and she picked us out. We’ve been best friends ever since. When we were little we’d go on walks around the block, we’d play dress up (she stole all my doll clothes and some of my toys too) we’d swim and wed eat fruit together, with the occasional baby food. Well, Jenny Sue other than eating with me ate nothing but Moist and Meaty Dog Food and weve had to recently take her off of it because its doing her more harm than good.
Well shes on my diet, and whatever dogs cant eat, i dont eat. Every other night i sit on the floor with her and slice up an apple and peanut butter and i make her a bowl of Honest Kitchen Instant Goat Milk. It makes her so happy that we play fetch for an hour or 2. (Yes, my blind sister plays fetch)
So far, this has done wonders for both of us. Ive lost weight and its improved her energy and she hasnt shed as bad lately. Shes 10 going on 11 so youd expect a few health problems but other than being blind, shes a pretty healthly little girl. She enjoys eating and playing with me, and we even go swimming together.
Do you have your pet on a special diet? If so, how is it going and what is it for?


By the way this is Jenny Sue rocking the bedhead look BOL!


His Story


Meet Dozer the Red Nose Pit Bull. A sweet, cuddly, loving, cute, intelligent, well behaved, kissable, huggable, squeezable, and understanding little boy. He’s 10 years old and he’s adoptable from the Owensboro Humane Society! Although he’s considered a senior he still acts like a 6 month old puppy. He loves playing dress up and gives the best hugs and kisses a pit can supply!
Back in 2006 he was chasing down the UPS man while he was delivering packages and when he turned around Dozer was sitting in his truck like “Where we gonna go? Huh? Huh?!” Well the UPS man brought him to Wills Animal Clinic and no one had claimed him so, he was brought to us.
I have to admit, I was rather scared of Dozer when I first met him. He just paced back and forth in his cage and every now and then looked up. I didn’t know if he was territorial or just flat out going to bite me if I tried to pet him. He’d get right up against the wall of the cage whenever i’d pass through and I would run through just to avoid any accidents.
I kind of avoided him until Ma reassured me that he was sweet and wouldn’t bite me so one day when Ma & I was walking the field passing out treats I held my hand out and Dozer sat down and put his head down. From that very first pet he’s been my best friend.
He has recognized and memorized both my car and truck and throws a hissy fit if I don’t immediately come and see him. LOL! Pits as we know have a bad rep, but you know, if you tell Dozer to “Attack” he’ll jump up on you and just kiss you to death. He’s learned all of his basic commands and more such as “Strike a pose” “Show your sweet side” and many more (photos will be posted at the end)
Although he is very sweet and very friendly he still needs some work, he doesn’t like cats and is iffy with dogs. Ma and I plan on working with him more and breaking him of it. Heck if we can teach an old dog new tricks I’m pretty sure we can teach him to love everything.
He LOVES going on long walks and runs! We go walking around Thompson Berry Park all the time and you know, we have talks and he understands how I feel and what I’m saying. I’ve talked to him about how much I miss Zen and was on the verge of tears he sat down put his paw on me so I sat down with him. He laid up against me and literally kissed away my tears. I love him to death and I wish Ma would let me adopt him.
In fact when Zen went missing we had a search party. I grabbed him and we walked 6 miles placing missing signs all over the neighborhood and asked residents if they had seen him. Zen knew Dozer pretty well and Dozer would leave his scent everywhere helping lead Zen back to the Humane Society. He still listened to me then too. I believe if I had went alone I would have just lost it and have to call someone to pick me up.
Dogs have a healing power mentally physically and spiritually & Dozer has helped just as I have helped him.
I hope to find him a great home for him to live out his days. He’s 70+ years old in dog years and is ready to retire.
Please open your hearts an consider adopting this big ol’ lug. If you cannot, please share him.


   “Show your sweet side”


“Strike a pose!”

Dozer is available at the Owensboro Humane Society.
3101 W. 2nd Street 


Me? Nominated? Ermahgerd!

I’ve been blogging for about a month now and I don’t have many followers (unless there’s ghost followers I don’t know about!) but I’ve already been nominated for an award thanks to Jessica and Luna from beaglesandbargins.com !


Part of the rules are to answer 11 questions from the nominator
1. Who is your blog inspiration?
My Mom & Carma at carmapoodale.com
2. Candy or cake?
3. Where is your favorite place to vacation?
Atlanta Georgia because BARKWORLD!!!! 😀
4. How do you take your coffee or tea?
Tea & straight
5. Have you ever had a pet fish?
Millions, Ma was a fish breeder
6. Mac or PC? PC for the price and build but Mac for the OS and design.
7. Have you ever been to a desert?
Not yet
8. Coke or Pepsi?
They taste the same to me!
9. What is your favorite sport?
Kentucky Basketball during the month of March xD
10. If you and your pet switched places for a day, what would happen?
It all depends on which pet but that’d be pure chaos
11. How long have you been blogging?
not even a full month yet

Second part is to list 11 things about yourself
1. I don’t like gold or diamonds, i’d rather have silver.
2. I play flute and piano
3. I miss the WonderBalls :c
4. 2 things that always makes me happy is the tetris theme and the “laughter” of a guniea pig.
5. My favorite color is purple
6. I’m addicted to the Game Show Network but I wish they’d quit showing sex commercials! Gah!!!
7. I like older cats and dogs, I wouldn’t want to go through puppy/kitty stage more than once
8. Although I love kids and I want some someday, I like pets better cause they can’t back sass.
9. I want to be a linguist after high school
10. Arizona Mucho Mango and Diet Green Peace Tea is what I live off of.
11. 我说中文!

****I’m going to publish this now, but I’m going to go back and edit this when I’m not on my phone for my 11 nominees.****


Tell the World I’m Coming Home.

Today was the last day of blogpaws so unfortunately that means i have to come home. All my photos are on my camera and the computer (Yes i’m using a computer for once) doesn’t have an SD card slot. Grrrr. Anyways i’ll have the photos on facebook, here, instagram, twitter, the moon etc. I had an amazing time meeting and remeeting bloggers and brands. I really want to go to Barkworld in August but I don’t know considering the price of the room. Anyone wanna bunk? We can go halfsies! Lol. I plan on saving up a good amount to go. The only thing i didn’t like about this trip is that my phone case got scratched and turned pink (I have no clue how!!) Forever a mystery. 

I’ve got to finish packing and getting ready! Love you all! 


BlogPaws 2013

I’m posting live from BlogPaws in Virginia! This is a long ways away for southern folk. Anyways tonight was the official opening cerimony and I reunited with many of my old friends and met some new ones too! I’ve gotten plenty of things to bring back to my critters at home and at the Owensboro Humane Society. Its been really fun so far although I didn’t like having to run like a mad man to find a room one of the conferences were. Now that I know that the elevator doesn’t go that way, I know to go down the stairs lol. No pictures will be in this post today, they’re all on my camera and all I have is my phone. Anyways love you all! Just had to do a quick post and now my butt is going to bed! Good night all! 


No sleep? Time to blog!

Its 12:30 in the morning and all I can think is “I should post”
So today/tomorrow/tonight whatever you consider right now is time for a new piece. I want to tell all of you that nothing is reviewed and revised its all just off the top of my head so if there is a grammar error or a misspelled word I’m sorry. I’ve made my latest post off of my phone and it doesn’t catch most of my mistakes, plus it doesn’t help much that I’ve never payed attention in an english class a day in my life.

Alright let’s cut to the chase. My issue today is trying to pull teens and kids into volunteering. Of course most people believe they should get paid for work, but you know sometimes a cheek covered in dog slobber is more satisfying than money. In my opinion it’d be nice to get paid in cat hair and puppy kisses but when you need gas in the tank or a roof over your head, you think “I need money”. Sad but true.
But how do I convince people my age to get into volunteering? For some its easy as saying “We have cats” and they’re ready to fill out an application to volunteer and start immediately. Some, its much more harder. They’ll have questions such as “What do you do there” or “I won’t have to pick up poop will I?” (You might, you might not. you never know) “Can my siblings volunteer with me?” (the more the merrier) etc. Of course any long time volunteer will share stories of their history with animals. I share a story every day. My friends know me as Ms. Humane Society and come to me when they have questions concerning animals. If I don’t know I hand them over to my mom.
Volunteering for kids will teach them many valuable life skills. Many such as how to take care of a pet, its hard work but very rewarding. Also they’ll learn how to clean up after their pets, scooping litter boxes or picking up toys that have been drug out. They’ll gain friends 4 legged and 2 legged that they’ll never forget. A special bond that will remain in their heart for the rest of their life. They’ll share their stories with others and we all know how talkative kids can be. For the shy kids that cling to mommy or daddy, this could be a great way to get them to come out of their shells. You obviously don’t want to just toss them into the air and expect them to take off and fly, but just walking around with them and having them socialize with each individual animal over long periods of times can help them become much more comfortable. Meeting for the first time can be stressful for both the animal and the child. You don’t know the animal’s story and they don’t know yours. They will not judge you for your past, for they cannot judge. For teens, this helps promote responsibility, socialization, and it looks great on a resume!
Now every teenager faces these dreaded things called hormones. (Girls especially) I would know. I’m a victim of my own body and puberty. When I’m zit faced and bitchy, my furbabies don’t judge. When I’m happy and hyper, they still don’t judge. They look up to you. They depend on you.
Personal story time!
See this baby boy?


This is Dozer. He’s a 10 year old red nosed pitbull. He’s probably going to be mentioned on here A LOT.
He may be a pit and portrayed as a vicious dog, when actually he’s a big cuddlebug. He believes he’s a 3 year old chihuahua LOL. (He’s available for adoption at the Owensboro Humane Society find him on petfinders.com !)
Anyways, this boy makes my day 1,000,000,000x better everytime I see him. I could be on the verge of tears and wanting to just give up on every thing then he looks at me with those big brown eyes and he knows. Animals can sense how you’re feeling. Whether your happy, sad, mad, scared, and they just want to be there to help you. I like to take Dozer on long walks and I talk to him. He listens and responds not with words, but with body language. When my chihuahua Zen was lost, I brought Dozer with me to search the neighborhood closest to the humane society and hang fliers. We walked for 4 hours & he marked everything and I don’t think he did it cause its a male dog thing. I honestly believe it was because Zen knew his scent and was hoping it would lead Zen to the humane society. I sat down on the corner with Dozer and he pressed his head against me and kissed my nose. I let it all out to him and he climbed into my lap and later dried my eyes and face. A few months later I took him on a walk around the park right next to the humane society and let everything off my chest that had been keeping me down that I didn’t want to talk to anyone else about. He stayed right by my side and kept looking up at me. He’s not too keen with other animals, and even with all the birds and stray cats around he stayed focused on me.
Sometimes dogs are more faithful than boyfriends ladies. lol.
Long story short, without me starting the humane society, I would have never met Dozer and I would have kept everything bottled up. He understands me, and I understand him. He doesn’t like being cooped up at the humane society, that’s why we go on long walks. It allows him to stretch and get away from his problems. Even animals go through depression.
Of course if he gets adopted, I’ll be sad I won’t see him as much as I like, but I’ll be happy that he’ll have a fur-ever home.