Hello and welcome to my new blog Young Hands and Paws. This blog is centered around reaching out to kids 18 and under to volunteer with animals and to teach people about pets. My main motto is Adopt, don’t shop (I even have a magnet that says so).

So hopefully you’ll stick with me after reading that short paragraph and let me introduce myself. My name is Sarah “Eli Leoplurodaun” Allen I’m currently 16 years old and I’ve been volunteering with the Owensboro Humane Society for 3 years now. My love for animals has started at a very young age, my mother even has a photo of me dressed up as a Dalmatian sitting next to my dogs Hank and Judy (who both passed away when I was young). I wasn’t even old enough to walk yet! I grew up in a house full of fur babies. I honestly believe I would go insane without wearing dog hair on me!

I have a couple fur babies at home and now its their feature time.
First off I have Carma. She’s my mother’s first alert service dog & she is the spokesdog of the Owensboro Humane Society. She’s a standard poodle but she was the runt of the litter so she’s a little smaller than the norm.  

We got her when she was 11 months old from a pitbull rescue. She was the bait dog for them and when we got her she was pink and blue! She was my Christmas present and I love her to death. She is a total diva. She loves dressing up and getting her nails painted but she loves running around in the mud too. Goofy girl, I wouldn’t trade her for the world.

Next is my chihuahua Scooby. A few years ago we thought he was a stray running around. We found out that he lived right up the road from us and took him home, well he’d come back once every 2 weeks to stop by and have a meal with us, then it became twice a week, then every day and he’d stay with us for long periods of time. Late last year his owner came to us in tears saying that she lost her house and had to move to a busy highway in Ohio County & she was afraid he’d get ran over. We agreed that we’d take care of him and now he’s my adorable little bratty brother. He used to run the street and want to play all the time but now you can hold him like a baby (he naturally turns over like that) and he just falls asleep. He’s also gained a lot of weight since he’s been ours xD

Now is Jenny Sue, she was 6 weeks old when we first got her. She believes she can talk, if you first meet her you’d probably think she was just growling. But if you listen closely you can hear her say basic sayings. She’s a sweet little Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who is 10 years old now. She’s blind and has been since she was 8. We don’t know why she went blind actually. She was a very stubborn pup. She’d tear up cigarettes and knock over my dad’s beer and Ma’s RC just so she could get a drink! Thankfully we got out of the puppy years alive. She’s much better now.

I love my sissy spaniel and I wouldn’t trade her for the world

I also have another Chihuahua named Zen but he’s been missing since October… I really don’t want to think about it since it might make me cry.

Now time for my small fur babies.

I have a gerbil named PB and a Guinea Pig named Ms. Piggy. My uncle gave me the gerbil when I was down in Florida last summer. PB isn’t afraid of anything really, he chases after my dogs when we put him in his ball. LOL! and Ms. Piggy was brought to the Owensboro Humane Society and since everyone was afraid the cats were going to kill her Ma decided to foster her and then she fell in love with Ms. Piggy. That was the end of that!

Ms. Piggy


So now you know about my furkids.
I also have a trillion fish but only like 4 of them have names.

Thank you for reading and I’ll be posting more soon!